Eagle Mountain / Boswell Rugby Club Registration Information


The Club is open to all boys and girls from 5th grade to 12th grade. Exceptions can be made for 4th grade children depending on size and athletic ability.  High School kids are a part of the Boswell Rugby Club. In order to participate a player packet will need to be filled out and returned to Coach Mickey or Chris.  You can email info@dfwrugby.com to receive an electronic copy of the forms.

Schedule: There will be introduction to Rugby sessions in December and practices will kick-off in January. Games and Tournaments will be scheduled throughout the Spring. A summer season is available as well.


During the season, there will typically be 2 occasionally 3 practices a week. These practices will be at Boswell and usually after other athletic classes are finished.  While it is important that those who are playing make as many practices and games as possible it is understood that there are many school activities going on and sometimes there will be conflicts.

Teams / Games:

The Eagle Mountain / Boswell Rugby Club will play against other school and club teams throughout the DFW and occasionally Houston and Austin areas.  Most of these matches will be in the DFW area with occasional matches further away. Traveling is not required to be part of the club. We will also have multiple events at Pioneer Stadium. Most of the games will be on Saturdays. The Varsity teams will be able to play a few Friday night games as well. The Boys teams will be broken into Varsity and JV teams. Depending on the number of members, there may be multiple Varsity and/or JV teams. All girls will play on the girls Varsity team. There is currently no girls JV division.

Costs and Equipment:

The registration costs, for the entire year (Sept 1, 2016 – Aug 31, 2017), is $125 for each HS player (Middle school and younger member fees are $55 for the season). This covers the enrollment into USA and TX Rugby and a portion of the tournament and equipment expenses. We will have fundraising activities to help generate funds to cover the remaining costs.
Game Jerseys will be provided but players will need to purchase their own Game shorts and socks – approx. $30
The only other equipment needed are cleats and a mouthpiece.

Questions ???

Please contact Coach Mickey at info@dfwrugby.com